Codes options boxster 986

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Codes options boxster 986

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Option Codes for Boxsters

IXAA - Aerokit Cup
IXAB - Spyder Rear In Body Color
IXAF - Turbo Aerokit
IXAG - Carrera Rear Spoiler
IXCZ - Switch Travel Shortening
IXD9 - Wheel Painted In Body Color
IXE8 - Gear Lever In Dark Burr Walnut With Aluminum Inlay
IXE9 - Handbrake Lever In Dark Burr Walnut With Aluminum Inlay
IXJB - Rear Section Of Center Console In Arctic Silver
IXJ4 - Ignition Lock Surround In Leather
IXKB - Side Air Vent In Light Burr Walnut/Maple
IXKC - Side Air Vent In Dark Burr Walnut/Maple
IXKD - Side Air Vent In Carbon
IXKE - Side Air Vent In Arctic Silver
IXKG - Defroster Trim In Light Burr Walnut/Maple,Leather
IXKH - Defroster Trim In Dark Burr Walnut/Maple,Leather
IXKJ - Defroster Trim In Carbon/Leather
IXKX - Instrument Surrond In Arctic Silver
IXLA - Boxster Tail Pipe
IXLF - Sports Exhaust System
IXMA - Rooflining In Leather
IXME - Rear Section Of Center Console Painted
IXMF - Front Section Of Center Console Incl. 2 Trays In Leather
IXMJ - Rear SEction Of Center Console In Carbon
IXMK - Roll-Over Bar In Exterior Color
IXML - Rear Section Of Center Console In Light Burr Walnut
IXMP - Leather Sun Visor,2 Lit Make-Up Mirrors Illuminated
IXMR - Sun Visor In Leather, 2 Illumminated Vanity Mirrors
IXMY - Roll-Over Bar In Arctic Silver
IXMZ - Rear Section Of Center Console In Leather
IXNB - Rear Section Of Center Console In Dark Burr Walnut/Maple
IXNG - Instrument Surround In Leather
IXNH - Side Vent. Left/Right Defroster Trim In Leather
IXNN - Central Air Vent Mounting In Leather
IXNR - Central Air Vent Mounting In Carbon
IXNS - Steering Column Casing,4-Part In Leather
IXNU - Trim Strip In Leather
IXNV - Trim Strip In Light Burr Walnut/Maple
IXNW - Trim Strip In Dark Burr Walnut/Maple
IXNX - Trim Strip In Carbon
IXNY - Trim Strip In Arctic Silver
IXN3 - Dashboard Side Air Vent In Leather
IXPA - 3-Spoke Sports Steering Wheel In Leather Interior Color
IXPB - 3-Spoke Sports Steering Wheel In Light Burr Walnut/Maple
IXPC - 3-Spoke Sports Steering Wheel In Dark Burr Walnut/Maple
IXPD - 3-Spoke Sports Steering Wheel In Carbon/Leather
IXPG - 3-Spoke Sports Steering Wheel In Alu-Look/Leather
IXPP - Loudspeaker Finisher On Switch Panel In Interior Color
IXPW - Instrument Surround In Light Burr Walnut/Maple
IXPX - Instrument Surround In Dark Burr Walnut/Maple
IXPY - Instrument Surround In Carbon
IXRA - 17" Sportclassic Wheel
IXRB - 18" Sportclassic 2 Wheel
IXRC - 18" Sporttechno Wheel
IXRL - 18" Sportdesign Wheel
IXRN - 2x17mm Wheel Spacers On Rear Axle
IXRP - 4x5mm Wheel Spacers On Front/Rear Axles
IXSA - Sports Seat Backrest Painted
IXSB - Sports Seat Backrest In Leather
IXSC - Porsche Crest Embossed In Headrest
IXSD - Seat Control Trim In Leather
IXSE - Bucket Seat Left
IXSF - Bucket Seat Right
IXSG - Racing Bucket Seat Left
IXSJ - Six-Point Seat Belts
IXSL - Six-Point Safety Bar
IXSM - Racing Safety Cage
IXSN - Omission Of Rear Seat Assembly
IXSR - Bucket Seat Right, Backrest Carbon
IXSS - Bucket Seat Left, Backrest Carbon
IXSU - Lowered Front Seat
IXSW - Seat Belts In Maritime Blue
IXSX - Seat Belts In Guards Red
IXSY - Seat Belts In Speed Yellow
IXTc - Door Features In Leather
IXTE - Door Features In Carbon/Leather
IXTF - Door Features In Arctic Silver/Leather
IXTG - Inner Sill Finisher In Leather
IXTJ - Door Features In Light Burr Walnut/Maple
IXTK - Door Features In Dark Burr Walnut/Maple
IXTL - Door Features In Carbon
IXV1 - Defroster Trim In Leather
IXX1 - Floor Mats,Logo,Leather Border
IXX2 - Footwell Lighting
IXY5 - Tiptronic Gear Selector Gate In Leather
IXZD - Interior Light Cover In Leather
IX45 - Instrument Dials In Interior Color
IX46 - Tiptronic Selector Lever Alu/Leather
IX65 - Tiptronic Gear Selector In Light Burr Walnut With Alu Inlay
IX66 - Tiptronic Gear Selector In Dark Burr Walnut With Alu Inlay
IX69 - Door Entry Guards In Carbon With Logo
IX70 - Door Entry Guards In Stainless Steel With Logo
IX71 - Aluminum-Colored Instrument Dials
IX72 - Gear Lever In Light Burr Walnut With Aluminum Inlay
IX73 - Turbo Sports Chassis
IX74 - Exclusive Sports Chassis
IX76 - Side Skirts Left/Right
IX91 - Hand Brake Lever In Light Burr Walnut With Aluminum
IX99 - Natural Leather
M008 - 986 S 3.2 Litres Displacement
M009 - 986 2.5 Litres Displacement --> MJ 1999
986 2.7 Litres Displacement --> MJ 2000
M010 - "Classic" Package
M011 - "Trend" Package
M012 - "Sport Design" Package
M013 - "Sport Technik" Package
M016 - "Standard" Package
M020 - Speedometer With Two Scales MPH-KMH
M024 - Version For Greece
M034 - Version For Italy
M058 - Impact Absorbers Front And Rear
M061 - Version For Great Britain
M062 - Version For Sweden
M063 - Version For Luxemburg
M064 - Version For Sweden
M065 - Version For Denmark
M066 - Version For Norway
M067 - Version For Finland
M068 - Version For Thailand
M069 - Other Country Version
M071 - Eu Country Version
M072 - Version For Mexico
M073 - Version For Russia
M091 - Special Model "50 Years Spyder"
M111 - Version For Austria
M113 - Version For Canada
M114 - Version For Taiwan
M119 - Version For Spain
M124 - Version For France
M126 - Control And Indications In French Lettering
M127 - Control And Indications In Swedish Lettering
M130 - Control And Indications In English Lettering
M139 - Seat Heating System, Left Seat
M150 - Operates With Leaded Gas
M191 - Wheel Spokes In Sealgrey-Metallic
M193 - Version For Japan
M197 - Stronger Battery
M198 - Starter 1.7 KW
M215 - Version For Saudi Arabia
M219 - Differential
M222 - Traction Control System
M224 - Automatic Limited Slip Differential
M225 - Version For Belgium
M249 - Tiptronic Transmission
M265 - Automatic Anti-Dazzle Interior Mirror With Rain Sensor
M266 - Automatic Anti-DAzzle Exterior Mirror
M270 - Outside Mirror-Plain-Driver's Side,Electrically Adjustable And Heatable
M271 - Outside Mirror-Aspherical-Driver's Side,Electrically Adjustable And Heatable
M272 - Outside Mirror, Manually Adjustable
M273 - Outside Mirror, Electrically Adjustable And Heatable
M274 - Make-Up Mirror Illuminated
M277 - Version For Switzerland
M288 - Headlamp Washer
M320 - Radio "Porsche Cr-11"
M321 - Radio "Porsche Cr-22"
M322 - Radio "Porsche Dr 220"
M325 - Version For South Africa/New Zealand
M326 - Radio "Porsche Cr-21"
M327 - Radio "Porsche Cr 2200"
M329 - Radio "Porsche Cr-210"
M330 - Radio "Porsche Cr-31"
M338 - Rear Wheel Drive
M340 - Seat Heating System,Right Seat
M342 - Seat Heating System,Left/Right Seat
M369 - Series Seat,Left
M370 - Series Seat,Right
M375 - Sportseat,Backrest Shell,Left
M376 - Sportseat,Backrest Shell,Right
M394 - Boxster-Wheel 17"
M395 - Cast Wheel, 16 Inches
M396 - Cast Wheel, 17 Inches
M400 - Boxster-S-Wheel 17"
M411 - 18" Carrera-Wheel
M413 - 18" Turbo-Look-Wheel
M414 - 18" Turbo-Look-Wheel High Gloss Finish
M415 - 18" Monobloc Wheel Top
M421 - Front Cassette Compartment
M422 - Rear Cassette Compartment
M424 - Cd Compartment
M431 - 4-Spokes Steering Wheel(Leather),Diameter 363mm
M432 - Steering Wheel With Tiptronic Control
M436 - 3-Spoke Airbag Steering Wheel
M437 - Comfort Seat Left,Electronically Adjustable
M438 - Comfort Seat Right,Electronically Adjustable
M439 - Electrical Roof Catch
M440 - Manual Antenna,4 Loudspeakers -->Mj 2002
Mj 2003 -->Antenna Diversity
M441 - Prepared For Radio
M446 - Concave Hub Cap With Colored Crest
M454 - Automatic Speed Control
M465 - Rear Foglamp,Left
M466 - Rear Foglamp,Right
M476 - Porsche Stability Management (PSM)
M479 - Version For Austrailia
M480 - 6-Speed Manual Transmission
M481 - 5-Speed Manual Transmission
M484 - Version For USA
M488 - Incriptions In German Language
M490 - -Mj 01 Sound System
Mj 02-Sound System Harmon Analog
M492 - For Left-Hand Traffic
M499 - Version For Germany
M509 - Fire Extinguisher
M513 - Back-Support (Lumbar) Right Seat
M524 - Anti-Drive Off Feature,433mhz
M525 - Anti-Drive Off Feature 315mhz
M531 - Anti-Drive Off Feature,Central Locking System
M532 - Deleted Remote Control Anti_theft Device
M534 - Theft Security System
M535 - Anti-Theft Lock 315mhz
M536 - Alarm Siren And Tilt Sensor
M537 - Seating Position Control For Comfort Seat,Left
M538 - Seating Position Control For Comfort Seat,Right
M539 - Mechanical Seat-Height Adjustment,Left
M540 - Mechanical Seat-Height Adjustment,Right
M549 - Roof Rack System
M550 - Hardtop
M551 - Wind Deflector
M553 - Version For USA,Canada
M562 - Airbag Driver's Side And Front Passenger's Side
M563 - Side Airbag
M566 - Fog-Headlaps,White
M567 - Windshield Tinted,Upper Part Darker Colored
M571 - Activated Charcoal Filter
M573 - Air Conditioner
M574 - Without Air Conditioner
M580 - Non-Smoker's Package
M581 - Center Console Front
M582 - Storage Pocket (Motor Cover)
M586 - Back-Support (Lumbar) Left Seat
M590 - Power Lid Locking
M601 - Headlamp Litronic
M602 - Araised Stop Lamp
M606 - Daytime Running Lamp
M614 - Preparation Of Telephone Installation Motorola 2200
M618 - Preparation Of Telephone Installation
M620 - E-Accelerator
M635 - Parking Assistant
M651 - Electric Window Motor
M657 - Power Assisted Steering
M659 - Computer
M660 - OBD2
M661 - Stricter Emission-Control Concept
M662 - Info/Navigation System
M663 - Hands-Free Reciever
M664 - ORVR
M665 - PCM2 Basic Module Including Radio
M666 - PCM2 Telephone (GSM)
M668 - PCM2 Telephone Handset
M670 - PCM2 Navigation
M680 - -Mj 01 Digital Sound Package
Mj 02- Sound System Bose Analog
M686 - Radio "Porsche CDR-21"
M688 - Radio "Porsche CDR-210"
M689 - Preparation Of Cd-Changer
M692 - Cd-Changer "Porsche"
M695 - Cd-Radio "Porsche CDR-22"
M696 - Cd-Radio "Porsche CDR-220"
M698 - Cd-Radio "Porsche CDR 32"
M699 - Cd-Radio "Porsche MDR 32"
M945 - Seat Covers Front Cloth/Leatherette/Leatherette
M946 - Seat Covers Front Leather/Leather/Leatherette
M981 - Leather Equipment Without Seat Covers
M982 - Seat Covers Front,Draped Leather/Leather/Leather
M983 - Seat CoversFront,Leather
M990 - Seat Covers Front, Cloth,Cloth,Leatherette
M999 - Passenger Compartment Monitoring Sensor For Leather Color Of Choice

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